• Holly Love

Human Being vs Human Doing

I recently heard someone mention 'human doing' and it resonated. It resonated HARD. The days are so often planned, fast-paced, and it's easy to stop looking past the 'doing'. Are we living as human beings or human doings? Where is the 'being'? Another article popped up about parenting a human being, not a human doing and here is what stuck: Rather, true success, namely success that brings meaning, satisfaction, and joy, comes from being-who children are, what they value, their work ethic, and their ability to connect and work with others.

But being isn't sufficient to become successful; your children need to do to achieve their goals. But for your children to experience both success and happiness, their efforts-what they do-must come from their being, from who they are. Achieving as a human being is very different from achieving as a human doing; human beings efforts to achieve are imbued with who they are and what they value. Children who are human beings find meaning in their achievement efforts and they connect their passions and commitment to those efforts.

So, I implore you. Let's take today to model 'human being' to our children and to ourselves. Let our efforts affirm who we are, so that our children see the connection between success and also happiness.

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